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by Allegra Consulting 12 March 2012

How do you answer "What is change management?"

Prosci’s latest tutorial broaches the subject: How do you begin to have the "what is...

by Allegra Consulting 11 February 2012

News from the Association of Change Management Professionals

We are excited to announce that since opening membership in May, the Association of...

by Allegra Consulting 09 November 2011

Online Tutorial: Prosci individual-organisational approach to change management

The latest tutorial from Prosci focuses on the successful blending of individual change...

by Allegra Consulting 20 September 2011

The five levers of change management: Prosci Tutorial

Change management research indicates five levers that are available to encourage...

by Allegra Consulting 06 September 2011

Change versus Change Management: Clearing up the confusion

A new tutorial posted by Prosci focuses on Change versus Change Management. The tutorial...

by Allegra Consulting 03 August 2011

Allegra change management event a resounding success!

Allegra Consulting’s recent learning and networking event held at the RACV Club was once...

by Allegra Consulting 08 July 2011

Change Management tutorial: "The role of enabler"

The fifth tutorial in the current “Roles in Change Management” series from Prosci and the...

by Helen Haley 06 April 2011

Allegra Networking event a great success

I am delighted to say that over 90 people attended our first change management networking...

by Allegra Consulting 31 March 2011

Building a culture of accountability

When we talk about culture within an organisation, we are really talking about “the way...

by Allegra Consulting 31 March 2011

2011 employment forecast

Recent media headlines such as "Job surge smashes expectations" and "Australian job...