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by Caroline Mills 15 June 2017

What do Agile and Change Fatigue have in common?

You may have heard it before - we live in disruptive times! Depending on who you are...

by Caroline Mills 13 June 2017

5 ways to increase your Self-Awareness

To be self-aware is to have a clear understanding of who you are, including your...

by Diane Lynch 13 June 2017

What employees are looking for in a Change Manager

The Future of Work is dictating what employers are looking for when they need to recruit...

by Lena Ross 13 June 2017

Delivering Human Centred Change

As more organisations are introducing agile practices, the pressure is on change leaders...

by Caroline Mills 08 March 2017

Being Aware of Our Communication/Interaction Style and the Impact it has on others

Experiences shape our ability to communicate, and being able to communicate effectively...

by Diane Lynch 07 March 2017

Methodologies – Friends or Foe

In this new way of working we are being forced to think outside our comfort zone. We have...

by Caroline Mills 31 January 2017

"Agile" Change vs "Waterfall" Change

I was thinking over recent times about “Agile” Change vs “Waterfall” change or just...

by Allegra Consulting 30 January 2017

'Being' on a holiday every day

How often as humans do we ever feel content, happy, and fulfilled with what we currently...

by Allegra Consulting 15 December 2016

Blowing away the myths of change management.....fluff bah humbug

Do you remember when change management was considered to be the ‘fluffy stuff’ that was...

by Caroline Mills 12 October 2016

Naptime at Ikea? How good is your cultural sensitivity?

Reading an article in the New York Times over the weekend I started thinking about how...